Bittersweet Festival 2024 by Fermentasi Nusantara (FERMENUSA)

The Bittersweet Festival, a collaborative effort by Fermentasi Nusantara (Fermenusa) and FHTB, stands as a multifaceted celebration devoted to promoting the global fermentation industry. Focused on Indonesia’s rich culinary heritage, the festival highlights the intricate art of fermentation, a traditional technique integral to the country’s food culture. This culinary tradition extends beyond mere preservation, encompassing the transformation of various foods and beverages through fermentation methods, exemplified by iconic products like tempeh and arak.

Spanning the entire 3-day duration of FHTB 2024, the Bittersweet Festival is a vibrant showcase of events meticulously designed to illuminate the diverse facets of fermentation. Participants can immerse themselves in insightful workshops, engaging seminars, and networking sessions that provide a comprehensive exploration of this age-old culinary practice. The festival serves as a bridge between tradition and innovation, inviting attendees to delve into the fascinating world of fermentation and its global significance.

As a collaborative initiative, the Bittersweet Festival at FHTB not only preserves and promotes Indonesia’s culinary heritage but also fosters a deeper understanding of the broader global fermentation industry. It is a unique opportunity for participants to engage with experts, gain hands-on experience, and appreciate the nuances of fermentation in diverse culinary applications. Join us in this enriching journey at FHTB 2024 as we celebrate the bittersweet symphony of flavors, traditions, and innovations in the world of fermentation.

Programme Schedules


NOTE: The above schedule is subject to change without prior notice. The final schedule will be displayed onsite/at the exhibition.

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