Featured Seminar by Bali Restaurant & Cafe Association (BRCA)

Introducing the Bali Restaurant and Cafe Association (BRCA), a recently established organization committed to fostering unity among Bali’s restaurateurs and championing the island’s flourishing Food and Beverage (F&B) industry. BRCA aims to position Bali as a world-class culinary destination while concurrently providing a vital platform for local restaurants and cafes. This platform ensures access to the latest information and services related to sustainable practices, thus contributing to the overall growth and development of the F&B sector in Bali.

As part of its commitment to education and sustainable practices, BRCA is excited to announce its participation at FHTB 2024. On 6 March 2024, BRCA will host enlightening seminars focusing on key aspects of sustainable practices within the Hospitality, Restaurant, and Cafe (HoReCa) industry. The first seminar, titled “Waste Separation Mastery: A Practical Guide for HoReCa Professionals,” will delve into practical strategies for effective waste separation tailored specifically for professionals in the industry. This session promises to equip participants with actionable insights, fostering a culture of responsible waste management.

The second seminar, “Upcycling in HoReCa: Transforming Waste Into Value,” explores the innovative concept of upcycling within the HoReCa sector. By transforming waste into valuable resources, businesses can not only reduce their environmental impact but also discover new avenues for sustainable growth. This seminar is an opportunity for industry professionals to explore creative solutions and embrace practices that contribute positively to both the environment and the bottom line.

Join BRCA at FHTB 2024 for these insightful seminars, where knowledge meets practical application, empowering Bali’s F&B industry professionals with tools to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of sustainability. Be part of a transformative journey towards a more environmentally conscious and economically viable future for Bali’s culinary scene.

Meet the Speakers

Ima Rida 

Co Founder & CMO

Magi Farm


Dean Keddel

Tanguy Yu

COO, CFO, Strategist and Regenerative Farming Expert

 Astungkara Way

Tobi Klanner




Rahmi Fajar Harini 

Eco Tourism Bali

Programme Schedules


NOTE: The above schedule is subject to change without prior notice. The final schedule will be displayed onsite/at the exhibition.

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