Final of Indonesia Barista Championship (IBC) at FHTB 2018

Indonesia’s coffee world is experiencing the highest peak this year. The bustle of the coffee industry has an impact on the growing recognition of the coffee-making profession called Barista. Indonesia Coffee Event 2018 (ICE 2018) is organized by Barista Guild Competition (BGI) section of the Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia (SCAI).

This seventh annual national competition has the initial goal of finding the best Barista in Indonesia and then sending it as a delegate representing Indonesia in the world coffee competition. There are four types of competitions that will be contested: Indonesia Barista Championship (IBC), Indonesia Brewers Championship (IBrC), Indonesia Latte Art Championship (ILAC) and Indonesia Cup Tasters Championship (ICTC).

The final event of the IBC branch held simultaneously with the exhibition of Food, Hotel and Tourism Bali 2018 from 1 – 3 March 2018 at Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center (BNDCC). The winner, Muhammad Aga will be dispatched to compete to the World Barista Championship (WBC) in Amsterdam.

IBrC, ICTC and ILAC branches will be held simultaneously with the exhibition of Hotelex & Expo Finefood 2018 from 18 – 20 July 2018 at Jakarta International Expo (JIEXPO). The winner of Indonesia Brewers Championship (IBrC) will be dispatched to the World Brewers Cup Championship (WBrC) and the Indonesian Cup Tasters Championship (ICTC) winner will be dispatched to the World Cup Tasters Championship (WCTC) championship both events will be held in Dubai. The winner of Indonesia Latte Art Championship (ILAC) will be dispatched to the World Latte Art Championship (WLAC) championship in Brazil.

11th Edition of Food, Hotel & Tourism Bali Event Sets to Break International Participation Records Amidst Tourism Upturn

BALI, IndonesiaFeb. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Reigning as the largest trade event of its kind in East Indonesia, Food, Hotel & Tourism Bali 2018 (FHTBali 2018) returns 1-3 March at the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Centre, Bali, Indonesia. In addition to occupying over 11,203 sqm in space and hosting more than 709 companies from 39 countries, FHTB 2018 organizers also expect the largest international  visitor turnout given the most recent pre-registration figures indicating a 20% increase compared to the last edition. Food, Hotel & Tourism Bali 2018 will also play host to several major industry events including the 2018 Indonesia Coffee Events (ICE) competition which acts as Indonesia’s finalist barista competition before entering into the World Barista Championship (WBC) alongside the 2018 Salon Culinaire Competition, the 2018 Bali Sommelier Competition, and Retail Indonesia 2018.

In the first quarter of 2017 Indonesia recorded a nearly 20% year-on-year increase in foreign visitors compared to its three neighboring countries of Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand for the same period according to the Central Statistics Agency (BPS).  Bali, Indonesia’s continuously growing epic-center for culture, recreation and relaxation, alone recorded foreign tourism numbers jumping 42% in just the last two years and welcoming nearly 5.67 million Bali-enthusiasts in 2017 (source: Bali Provincial Government records).

Indonesia credits its sustainability in meeting the demands of growing tourism due to the country’s equally robust food & beverage and hospitality economics. “In the third quarter last year, the food and beverages industry grew by 9.46 percent year-on-year, overpassing the country’s economy growth. We are confident that the food and beverages industry will grow to more than 8.4 percent in 2018,” said Adhi S. Lukman, chairman of the Indonesian Food and Beverages Association (GAPMMI).

Throughout its 11 years reign, Food, Hotel & Tourism Bali exemplified and continues to embody the spirit of economic and entrepreneurial possibility for domestic and international suppliers of the food, hotel and tourism industry looking break into the growing needs and discerning tastes of club, hotel, and restaurant owners, purchasing managers, as well as tour operators, distributors, retailers and wholesalers. Over 709 companies from 39 countries flock to FHTBali biennially and compete to showcase thousands of products and services ranging from the most decadent of European confectionaries, to the most exotic in gourmet seafoods, to the latest in high-tech catering and packaging equipment, to the chicest in hotel and restaurant furniture and furnishings.

“There are many reasons why Food, Hotel & Tourism Bali has remained so strong year after year,” said Wiwiek Roberto, Project Director of Pamerindo Indonesia and FHTB. “More companies sign up to exhibit each year because these suppliers slowly discover that our event has the highest concentration of professional buyers traveling from across all regions of Indonesia ranging from areas of East Java such as Bali and Sulawesi Selatan to areas such as far away as Nusa Tenggara Barat and Sumatera Utara. These companies know that tourism development is not just concentrated within Bali but across the archipelago and our exhibition’s timing, location, and additional event attractions makes Food, Hotel & Tourism Bali the choice trade fair for professional buyers to  make the trip to see and experience the most  all at once.”

Ratusan Perusahaan dari 39 Negara Ikuti Pameran FHTBali 2018

BALI– Sebanyak 709 perusahaan dari 39 negara tercatat mengikuti Pameran Food, Hotel & Tourism Bali 2018 (FHTBali 2018) yang digelar pada tanggal 1 – 3 Maret 2018 di Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center, Bali.

Pameran yang sudah berlangsung untuk ke-11 kalinya ini dianggap dapat dijadikan platform bagi perkembangan industri makanan, hotel dan pariwisata baik domestik dan internasional untuk memenuhi kebutuhan perkembangan dan selera pasar para pelaku bisnis.

Adhi S. Lukman, ketua Asosiasi Industri Makanan dan Minuman Indonesia (Gapmmi) menilai bahwa industri makanan, minuman, perhotelan hingga pariwisata di Indonesia saat ini sangat difokuskan dari segi mutu dan kualitasnya.

“Pertumbuhan sampai kuartal tiga sebesar 9,46% (YoY), jauh diatas pertumbuhan ekonomi Indonesia. Kami optimistis industri makanan dan minuman tahun ini bisa tumbuh di atas sebesar 8,4% pada 2018, “ujarnya seperti dikutip, Kamis (8/3/2018).

Sementara itu, Project Director Pamerindo Indonesia Wiwiek Roberto menjelaskan pameran FHT Bali selalu dinanti setiap dua tahun sekali dan terus berkualitas dalam menampilkan jutaan produk maupun service, mulai dari makanan, minuman, peralatan dapur, hotel dan juga restoran.

“Ada banyak alasan mengapa Food, Hotel & Tourism Bali sangat kuat dan selalu dinanti,” ujarnya

Menurutnya, salah satu alasannya adalah semakin banyak dan bertambahnya perusahaan yang mendaftar untuk memamerkan produknya setiap FHTBali diselenggarakan, karena mereka mengetahui bahwa dipameran inilah lokasi yang tepat dijadikan bertemunya para professional di industi terkait yang bahkan datang dari beberapa wilayah di Indonesia seperti dari Jawa Timur, Sulawesi Selatan, Sumatera Utara hingga dari Nusa Tenggara Barat.

“Kami menjadikan Food, Hotel & Tourism Bali sebagai pilihan bagi para professional di industri ini untuk menemukan perjalanan dan pengalaman yang berkesan,” tambahnya.

Menempati area seluas 11.203 meter persegi, FHTBali 2018 menjadi tuan rumah bagi beberapa ajang kompetisi skala internasional seperti Indonesia Coffee Events (ICE) yaitu ajang kompetisi bergengsi barista seluruh Indonesia yang nantinya berhak maju pada kejuaraan World Barista Championship (WBC). Kompetisi lainnya yang turut hadir yaitu Salon Culinaire 2018 dan Bali Sommelier 2018. Pameran FHT Bali 2018 yang berlangsung dua tahun sekali ini mengalami peningkatan pengunjung internasional, tercatat pada pendaftaran awal angkanya meningkat 20% dibanding FHT Bali sebelumnya.