Bali welcomes tourists without quarantine as South-East Asian countries continue to scrap travel restrictions

Jessica Gordon is happy she could holiday in Bali last week. “Bali is like a second home to me,” said the 32-year-old interior designer from Brisbane. Ms Gordon arrived in the tourist hotspot via Singapore from Australia last Sunday, after she discovered she could visit Indonesia without having to quarantine. “I’m actually going to visit my grandmother who is unwell in Surabaya, […]

The subtle evolution from bleisure to workations

I was recently on a trip to Aruba, in the Caribbean. I initially wanted to book a week-long leisure trip at some kind of all-inclusive beach resort but figured I might as well extend my stay and bring my computer along for some work, too. So I opted for a fully-furnished condo. Unusual? Not at all, […]

6 main ethical concerns of service robots and human interaction

Around the world, a lot of people have lost their jobs during the pandemic. In parallel, automation, AI, and the usage of robots are becoming more and more frequent. Indeed, the health situation has increased firms’ digitalization and automatization processes. In the past, when automation has eliminated jobs, companies created new ones to meet their needs. This, however, […]

Here Are The Top Food Tech And Sustainability Predictions For 2022

If the word of 2021 was unpredictable, the word of 2022 is impermanence. From rising food prices to continued supply chain woes, decades-high inflation, worker shortages due to Covid and working conditions, and our climate, our food system is in crisis. McKinsey estimates that 73 million jobs will be eliminated due to automation by 2030, including the food production and manufacturing sectors. To persevere through […]

6 trends shaping food and beverage growth in 2022

As many consumers hope for a fresh start in 2022, the ongoing pandemic will play a major role in shaping food and beverage trends regardless of whether COVID-19 itself finally becomes a thing of the past. The virus’ effect will be especially noticeable in health and wellness, with functional ingredients such as adaptogens, nootropics and CBD […]