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Buffets are banned because Coronavirus doesn’t allow us to breath, sneeze and cough all together at a buffet table. Fair enough, we have to live with that. What alternative do we have? A la carte – and that is good! Nevertheless, there were many advantages to a buffet… but we shouldn’t be too sad that it has disappeared (maybe only for a while).

The advantages a buffet had (if done right)

Why will a la carte be better?

    1. Knows the menu and can explain it
    2. Knows how to serve right, fast, efficiently and with elegance
    3. Are able to have a conversation with guests ( yes, we are in contact with the guest again!)
    4. Can clear a table at the right moment in the right way
    5. Can be wait staff again, instead of merely cleaning – clearing staff.

What will be missed?

The great display? Look at your plate and you will be fully compensated. We might miss the hunt for the last five shrimp on the buffet when the cook sees us approaching, but also realizes that the elderly lady from table five approaches with the same aim. You can see in her eyes that she is not willing to give in – or share. The cook silently disappears into the kitchen anticipating war! We will miss the guys who got the Beef Wellington, rice, potatoes and gravy, only to add the chocolate muffin with some strawberry sauce (which drips on the meat) – just to make sure nobody takes it before him!

Others will be lost

Many big ocean cruise ships areset up for 6,000 guest buffets. Kitchen service and dishwashing lay-outs designed for only this fast food service will have a hard time adjusting. Smaller cruise companies like Viking Ocean, with only 700 guests and a fleet of explorer ships with even fewer guests, will have a chance to embrace and celebrate service again.

We will miss a lot of gorgeous entertainment at the buffet – but it might be for the better!

Source: https://insights.ehotelier.com/insights/2020/09/29/the-buffet-is-gone-and-a-la-carte-is-back-a-positive-coronavirus-effect/


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