I was recently on a trip to Aruba, in the Caribbean. I initially wanted to book a week-long leisure trip at some kind of all-inclusive beach resort but figured I might as well extend my stay and bring my computer along for some work, too. So I opted for a fully-furnished condo. Unusual? Not at all, according to many recent studies.

The Rise in Workations

BCD Travel’s research recently found that 85% of workers in the US are looking for a mix of remote and office work in the future. This recent pandemic clearly demonstrated it is possible to work efficiently from home or wherever there is a good wifi connexion and access to business amenities. Zoom, Teams or Meet, anyone?

So how is that any different to bleisure, a trend we have been seeing growing in recent years?

Bleisure usually relates to a business trip to which a leisure component is added. Think of folks attending in conference in New Orleans, Paris or Bangkok, and deciding to add a couple of days to the trip in order to make the most of their trip. Perhaps bringing a spouse along.

Source: eHotelier (www.ehotelier.com)

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